Sharp Global | Sharp County<br>Arkansas, USA

Sharp County
Arkansas, USA

Sharp County, in northern Arkansas, was established in 1868. Though long known as a location for good hunting and timber, it has remained rather sparsely populated, though the resort town of Cherokee Village is one of the state’s leading retirement communities, and Hardy is a well-known tourist destination. Louisiana Purchase through Early Statehood The date when the earliest white settlers inhabited Sharp County remains disputed, though the earliest families were known to have been living in the Ash Flat area in the middle to late 1820s. Other towns were soon settled, such as Calamine, which was established in the 1820s. The Williford area was settled in 1841. Evening Shade established the first school in 1847. In 1856, zinc was discovered in and around Calamine and was mined briefly until the advent of the Civil War, which brought the operations to a halt.
Sharp Global | Sharp Village<br>Missouri, USA

Sharp Village
Missouri, USA

Sharp is an unincorporated community in Ozark County, Missouri. The village location is a quarter mile south of US 160 between Caulfield and Tecumseh at the head of Hickory Stump Hollow. A post office called Sharp was established in 1890, and remained in operation until 1915. According to tradition, the community was so named on account of a certain settler being considered "sharp". Ozark County is located in the southern portion of the Missouri. As of the 2010 census, the population was 9,723. The largest city and county seat is Gainesville. The county was organized as Ozark County, named after the Ozark Mountains, on January 29, 1841. It was renamed Decatur County, after Commodore Stephen Decatur, from 1843 to 1845, after which the name Ozark County was restored.
Sharp Global | Sharp Peak<br>Tsim Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Sharp Peak
Tsim Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Sharp Peak, also known as Nam She Tsim, is a hill which lies within the Sai Kung East Country Park, north of Tai Long Wan, in the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong. It is particularly well known for its well defined sharp peak, which rises to a height of 468 metres above sea level. The hill is reasonably hard for hikers and should only be attempted in good weather with correct equipment, although it is a popular site for hiking in Hong Kong. Sai Kung Peninsula name comes from Sai Kung Town in the central southern area of the peninsula. The southern part of the peninsula is administrated by Sai Kung District, the north by Tai Po District and the northwest by Sha Tin District.
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Sharp Global | Sharp Island<br>Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Sharp Island
Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Sharp Island or Kiu Tsui Chau is the largest island in the Kiu Tsui Country Park located at Port Shelter of Sai Kung, Hong Kong. The area is most known for fishing, swimming as well as diving. Sharp Island is under the administration of Sai Kung District. The two beaches, Half Moon Bay Beach, and Kiu Tsui Beach are located on the island. Both are managed by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department. When the predicted tides at Ko Lau Wan is lower than or equal to 1.40 meters, visitors are able to visit Kiu Tsui, an inshore islet, on foot. Different kind of volcanic rocks can be found on Sharp Island. The most frequent ones are rocks with a peculiar pattern on the surface.
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Sharp Global | Sharp Crater<br>Mare Frigoris, Moon

Sharp Crater
Mare Frigoris, Moon

Sharp is a lunar impact crater located to the west of the Sinus Iridum bay of the Mare Imbrium, beyond the Montes Jura range. To the southwest is the crater Mairan. Because of its location and foreshortening, Sharp appears elliptical from the earth. Sharp is surrounded by a rugged region of mountains and rises. Ridges are joined to the north and south ends of the rim. The crater has a low central peak at the midpoint of the floor. Between Sharp and Sharp A is an unnamed sinuous rille. The more distant Rima Sharp is located on the Mare Frigoris to the northwest. Mare Frigoris is a lunar mare in the far north of the Moon. It is located in the outer rings of the Procellarum basin, just north of Mare Imbrium, and stretches east to north of Mare Serenitatis. It is just north of the dark crater Plato.